Principal Message

In walk the talk with the Principal

Sir, tell us why you are interested in this position? What influenced you to be a school director? Well if I say I am not interested in this position will be unfair because it is the right medium through One can reach out to you and mentoring young learners. Every morning when I see you all with spark On your faces is perhaps the reason of my inspiration to take various challenges. No matter at what level I am associated with you but I feel great while being around in the corridors of learning. The character of the children their innocence, quest for knowledge influenced me more than anything else.

What is your strongest asset?

Well I am a great dreamer and visualize things before taking up them for execution. I always try to minimize the distance of my dreams and reality. I believe in my capabilities and with strong determination ,I take up things. I respect people around me who make my job simpler because I believe they are the biggest assets whether it is for me or to an organization.

Who is your role model and why?

As such I don’t remember one but there are numbers of people who have inspired me by their significant contribution in the area of education and to the society selflessly. But I go with the young learners who have immense power to do anything and they are helping us every day to renew our commitments.

What is your philosophy behind establishing this temple of learning?

The school came into existence in year 2003 with 25 handful learners and with every passing year we grow substantially, not only in terms of numbers but in making it one of the best centre of learning. It has now over 12 long years and the journey has not been easy for all of us. Whatever challenges came we face them, overcome them and move forward with more conviction and commitments. We believe in inclusive education and as you can see number of children who do not make it to the school because of various reasons. 15 years back, we tried to realize our dream to have an institution which can open its doors to everyone and make them strong enough to face the worldly challenges.

What should be your ideal school environment and how would you encourage that kind of culture?

This is very interesting question you asked about ideal school environment. I see a school with top quality infrastructure conducive to the students, dynamic faculty, flexible curriculum that encourages collaborative and experiencing learning and happy children coming to school with lot of synergy in them. And if we have them all together we certainly make this institution as one of its kind known for centre of learning.

What have been the major initiatives taken during your tenure as the Director of this institution?

Not much really, but I had wish to take few. I have been here since very inception of the school and so I owe every small initiative that worked and to those too which did not work for us.

What steps would you take if you are dealing with a student involved in indiscipline incident?

Acceptance and compassion are those wrong weapons with the human beings if try with due diligence certainly work. Though the every situation is different but one needs to be rational in his/her approach while handling young learners irrespective of the incident.

Sir, do you believe that today’s learners are changed one than of your time. How do you see this change?

It is not the students who have only changed. We all have changed with the change of time. And the change is the law of nature. But one thing I must mention is the ways of handling the students have been changed much more than anything else. The today’s learner is a conscious learner and knows not only about his/her rights but duties too.

Tell us about the time when things did not go the way you wanted to so how do you hope to have your way?

Like every other human being I too get upset when things do not go my way. But at the end of the day we need to know the best way how it can be handled to make it my way. My way or other way is a part of the process, we need to overcome other way and make it a way for my way and that is the mantra of life.

When you have been most satisfied in your life?

Every day, I have been experiencing most satisfaction after a long day work with the young learners. I always aspire to achieve high accomplishments and set my goals accordingly. If I achieve some and not all, it does not mean I am not satisfied. Each day is unique and gives you opportunity to do something great. Today you have not seen it before nor you are going to see it tomorrow, what you have is the present so live life to the fullest.

What advice would you give to students hoping to follow in your footsteps?

I sincerely advise them do not follow someone footsteps instead create your own path of journey. It will be experimental and adventures and will give you an opportunity to learn most. If you get success you will lead the people and if you fail you will advise the people. In both ways you will be contributing. So, believe in yourself the whole world is set to welcome you.

Sir, we have ICSE, CBSE and different International board. Why have you opted for CBSE board?

The school is affiliated to CBSE, one of the prominent board in the country with constant innovation and improvement in school education with the intent of de-stressing students thus making learning more holistic, joyful and meaningful. So we have opted for CBSE affiliation.

In your opinion what are the areas which you feel we are lacking in connection with the society?

I strongly feel that our own students are the best medium to have projected deeds of the school among the people. Their behavior, how they converse among themselves, what values they are carrying and their kind of association in the society help in building up the image of the school. Second in command are the teachers how significantly they are contributing and third are parents of the students. Rest does not impact much.

What are the challenges that Ascent International School is facing at present? What are your future plans for the institution?

There are many but I see one the real is communication among the students, this may be due to their language barrier. Most of students feel comfortable in their own world whenever they get an opportunity. We have to bring them back right into main stream of the school functioning. There is a strong need to have constant researched and updated curriculum being implemented with right faculty, right infrastructure, right learners and right parents school association. We see our school growing from strength to strength with teachers, students as stake holders in this journey. We see our school imparting top quality education to all its students so that they could not lag behind with anyone in facing today’s challenges. We see them growing as a complete constructive citizen of the country.

Where do you want to see Ascent International School after five years from now?

I see it growing as a first choice school among the people of the city and widely known for its culture, values, student’s ownership and future oriented approach.