Position - Class IX X XI
First Bhumika Naveen Darshika Tomar Hritam Shukla
Second Sarika Nagar Priyansh Pratap Singh Arun Kumar
Third Anushka Tanu Harsana Tanu Singh

God could not be everywhere and therefore he made Mothers and the day that celebrates the essence of a mother is Mother’s Day’. The school salutes to all Mothers and organized an inter house Poem Recitation Competition on Mother’s Day. The students from classes VI to VIII participated in the competition with great fervor and enthusiasm. The students of classes VI and VII recited the poem in English and the VIII class participants recited Hindi poems. From class VI Socialist House secured first position, Sovereign House secured second and Secular House secured third position. From class VII Secular House secured first position, Sovereign House secured second position and Republic House secured third position. From VIII class Socialist House secured first position, Republic House secured second Position and Sovereign secured third position. All the winners were awarded by the Principal of the school. In the end the Principal encouraged the students and appreciated their active participation.

Ascent International School, Greater Noida celebrated National Technology Day. Special assembly was conducted in which Aditya Tripathi and Chandan Shukla hosted the technology Awareness Program. They shared importance of Technology & Science with the audience. Vivek Chaudhary discussed basic foundation of technology, and how does it work. Ashutosh Singh discussed about Android operating interface and its versions. The discussion involved mass audience. The program was interactive and students were curious to know more and more about science and technology. In the end the Principal of the school encouraged the students to widen the horion of knowledge of technology and its surrounding fields. He motivated them for being future scientists as ‘technology and science are the core of development of any nation’.

“Mother is the only person who carries you for nine month in her belly, three years in her arms and forever in her heart.” To make the mothers feel special “Mothers’ Day” was organized on May 12, 2017 by Ascent International School, Greater Noida. The program began with the prayer song to seek the blessing of the Almighty. A musical drama was staged by Junior Wing Students. It was followed by a series of activities. Choir of the school lit up the atmosphere with their mesmerizing voice by singing a beautiful song. To feel them special Ascentians conducted some games in which mothers took participation very enthusiastically and cherished their childhood days. One of the mothers Ms Rekha Panwar also shared one beautiful and melodious song based on being woman which was self-composed. The principal of the school, Mr. Birendra Bansal, shared a heart touching story on the occasion about the commendable and thankworthy role of mother in everyone’s life, without the expectation of any reward throughout her life. The story was really touching which brought tears in everyone’s eyes. Students enjoyed by participating in various games along with their mothers. Winners were appreciated and awarded by the Principal. The programme was concluded by National Anthem.