In keeping with this, Ascent International School observed World population day with the great emphasis on conservation of resources for the future generation. As the increasing population is fostering the equally increasing threat to the nature’s resources. The special assembly was organized by the students of class XI E. Students depicted the message of “SAVE NATURAL RESOURCES” by using beautiful handmade pictures and diagrams. The day was marked with another special event “Rewarding efforts and hard work of the school the Toppers of XII –Tushar Bhati from commerce, Manish Kumar Raghav from Humanities both scored 92% and Vipin Baswan from Science stream with aggregate 96.2% and 99% in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics with perfect score in mathematics topped the district. They were felicitated with a merit certificate along with Rs.5000/ each.

The solemnity started with Lamp Lighting and Saraswati Vandana to proceed the ceremony with divine guidance. The limelight of the programme was the March Past led by nearly appointed cabinet followed by a speech by school Principal, Mr. Birendra Bansal, wherein he enthused and influenced everyone with his inspiring words. Newly appointed council members were adorned with badges and sashes. The new head boy received the prestigious flag of school from the Principal and then new House Captains took the charge of their respective Houses after the Head Boy’s command. Rtd. Lt. Col Pushpdaran, in his speech, emphasized on the importance of discipline, goal of one’s life and dignity of the individual and the school. He also appreciated them for their preparedness to take responsibilities and duties.

“Adolescence is a transitional stage of physical and mental development”. The phase of adolescence is very crucial and important in every one’s life. The workshop started with the Introduction to Adolescence, defining what exactly the age of adolescence consists of. Girls were introduced to the ever confusing age of adolescence. As there are different physical and emotional changes during this period. Therefore, anatomy of women was introduced. Each Girl was informed about the needed precautions which they should take during menstrual cycle. Besides it, other information regarding daily hygiene was shared. Amazing example of “GOONJ” was shared, its NGO which reuses the waste cloth and makes it into usable hygienic sanitary pad, also they distribute the same to poor women, who can’t afford to buy a sanitary pad for them.

Another Important topic covered was ‘PEER PRESSURE’ among adolescents. Sudha Ma’am enlightened the girls by adding important points in the flow of topic. Girls were asked to SAY NO to those requests by their peers which are not coinciding with their successful career/ future. The meaning and value of SELF ESTEEM was also catered to, girls were asked questions about how to define SELF ESTEEM. Also, the importance of SELF DEFENSE was also touched and detailed. The girls were also enlightened about the importance of DRESSING for SUCCESS, they were told that no one should be allowed to judge you by your dress, you are not what you wear but, what actually your energy/ aura is. As it is rightly said that” ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS”, keeping this in mind, girls were given example of different famous personalities who have achieved their present status by their hard work and determination. The workshop was concluded on the note that each one will be very conscious about daily hygiene, never let anyone to play with their self-esteem and will become a successful personalities in their life.

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not everyman’s greed----- Infact a healthy environment is a foundation for stable and productive society.” To ensure the well - being of present and future generations , we all must participate to protect, conserve and sustainably manage our natural resources. To create awareness among students about the day and its importancce, the school held World Nature Conservation Day on 28th July 2017. In the Assembly a ‘Nukkad Natak’ was enacted by the students to create awareness about our environment and save our mother nature. Through their wonderful performance, the students motivated others to save our nature in many ways. As living organisms,we depend on air, water, soil, trees, minerals and natural gases. Mrs .Sudha Vershwal, vice principal also inspired the students to conserve the environment.