Exhibition of Culture And Tradition - 17th Oct, 2017

“We may have different religions, different languages, different colored skins, but we all belong to one human race.”

Students organized the whole event with great zeal and creativity. They were dressed up according to the traditional attire of the state. The antiques wooden paraphernalia, utensils and handicraft items of each state was displayed with a very systematic manner. Each student was so much involved in the complete execution of the event that the whole room was tour of these states.

Students took care of even the minutest artefacts of each state’s tradition. Following the tradition of Kerala food was served on a Banana leaf , students represented themselves in traditional attire and floral decoration was also done which replicated the state. Showcasing Kashmiri traditions, students wore ‘Phirans’- traditional women’s attire and food was served in utensils make of mud.

The exhibition was a unique experience of traditions, cultures, food habits and attires of different states of India. Even though all states in India are different from one another yet the sense of togetherness evokes of feeling of unity in Diversity.

The exhibition was a grand success with many visitors pouring in and they were mesmerized by the unique culture and traditions which was showcased by our students. They highly appreciated and motivated the students and teachers. Our Principal sir congratulated students and teachers for the success of exhibition. dhering to the theme of Unity in Diversity and tourism, we also organized a Rangoli Making Competition, where different cultures, traditions and beliefs were portrayed with the help of Rangoli colors and designs.